It’s a day to honor a man of Peace and Love, a Black man.  We thought we’d come a long way and this year we learned we haven’t.

It’s been a sobering year in so many ways, and this week is bringing a change.  The days are longer and energy is revived.  

A.A. Milne who wrote Winnie the Pooh said to listen to the animals.  He even listened to stuffed animals which is pretty remarkable.  

Andre Dubus wrote: “A Zen archer does not try to hit the target. With intense concentration, he draws the bow and waits; the target releases the arrow, and draws it to itself.”

We’ve been focused and waiting and now we’re concentrated on the target: January 20, 2021.

The target releases the arrow and draws it to itself. 

I give thanks for a target of Love and Peace led by those who’ve gone before, and encapsulated now in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  May we all be well!

Stinson Beach yesterday morning
Birds and Waves playing with the Tides
The hills are dry for January
This morning’s sunrise

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