The wind is wild as it blows out the old and brings in the new.   

In the book, The Primary Colors, Alexander Theroux writes that blue is thought of as a cool color but the hottest stars are bluish white.  

Red stars are 4000 degrees.  Yellow stars are 5000, and blue stars are 10,000 degrees.

I must be getting old.  Those numbers don’t sound as huge as they used to.

Last night I was entranced with the crescent moon as it moved across the sky.  It was bright, and yet it only reflects.  I step into what I reflect even as I bring forth from within.

Theroux continues that in “Pyramid texts, the sky is described as green as living plants.”  Does this mean the Egyptians could not perceive the shorter wavelengths of blue light 5000 years ago?

Dorothea in Middlemarch says – “It is strange how deeply colors seem to penetrate one, like scent.”

In going through journals of the past, I come to this from 1997.  A woman I went to Nepal with in 1993 shares this: “I was on a silent retreat in Thailand. I saw a shooting star and the words, “Bye Mom” came out of my mouth.  I found out ten days later my mom died that night.”

We are One in starlight, moonlight, present, past, light, dark, life, death, and especially today, I’m grateful for change, and what tomorrow’s Presidential inauguration opens up and brings.

Camellia is open today

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