The Lunar New Year begins today as we leave the year of the rat and enter the year of the ox.  I’m an ox as is Barack Obama, so I’m optimistic on this new year.

According to one source, “the Ox symbolizes tenacity, quiet strength, and responsibility, and the coming year will require attentiveness and sustained work. The element governing this year is Iron, which is characterized by integrity, justice, and clarity”.

As with holidays, food is important.  Dumplings represent wealth and noodles longevity.  May we all feast tonight.  

I continue to read and watch the evidence from the trial.  I see no way Trump cannot be impeached but it seems some refuse to listen to facts at their peril and ours.  

It’s also Lincoln’s birthday. I remember the celebration as a child, and now his birthday is combined with Washington’s. May this new year and the celebration of the birthdays of two honorable men turn the tide on what’s happening today.

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