It’s a weekend to celebrate the Heart.  I find it sad that the language I speak has only one word for Love, when in some other languages, there are many words to describe this wonderful enveloping that enriches and expands our lives.

Yesterday I took a walk with my friend Lee to Tennessee Beach.  We wore masks and stayed socially distanced. It rained the night before and it’s raining now, but we walked on a beautiful day in between storms.

I’ve mentioned Jarvis Masters here before and how he is unjustly on Death Row at San Quentin.  Lee took many 360 degree videos of our walk to send to Jarvis.  At one point she focused on me and I spread my arms and said “that bird has my wings”, quoting from the title of one of his books.  “That Bird Has My Wings: The Autobiography of an Innocent Man on Death Row.”His confinement is unjust as is the “trial” where so many Republicans choose to ignore the evidence.  They forget they are on a jury, and for no reason I understand they choose to ignore the magnitude of the gift of hearing evidence that proves the obvious threat to our democracy and those who legislate it.

I don’t understand, and yet when I spread my wings for Jarvis I felt such light and freedom.  Easy for me to say, of course, as Lee and I were the only two people in a landscape of enchantment.  We were accompanied by three deer who saw no threat in us, and who knows what other beings munching, sleeping, and thriving in this world.  We saw two snails mating.  They are hermaphrodites, so meeting another snail makes it easy as to the process of reproduction, though of course there are those shells,  so maneuvering is required, and I love seeing two as one.  

May that image expand into the world this weekend as we reach in empathy to understand the “other” no matter how puzzling and mind-boggling they may seem.

Deer enjoying breakfast on the hillside.

Tennessee Valley beach

Finding a place to cross the stream to get to the beach and back!
This morning!
That bird has my wings –
A moment of rainbow and now more rain

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