I’ve been with the image of tacking on a sailboat, of “coming about”. A boat can’t sail directly into the wind so the skipper turns the boat one way and then the other by moving the sails, by bringing the boat about.  Back and forth it goes to move forward, to reach a goal.  

It feels like that right now to me as we’re moving forward with combating the virus, and yet it’s a back and forth.  Meanwhile there’s tragedy with vigils to follow.

Yesterday a friend and I walked to Tennessee Valley beach.  The colors were so vibrant, they hardly seemed real.

Last night when I finished reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s new book, Klara and the Sun, I was so affected I couldn’t sleep.  This morning I watched this video to better understand the origin and how it was conceived.  

I also realized I’ve been marking time, and now I’m setting goals.  I’m going back into my third book to integrate it for myself, to claim more fully and clearly my intention with it.  I got side-tracked with too much editorial advice.  I want to make it wholly mine and perhaps that goes along with this book which intrigues in so many ways. It doesn’t answer every question, and yet, it does.

May this opening into spring bring clarity, vision, and renewed passion to us all.

Approaching the beach at Tennessee Valley
Looking Up

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