The sun has officially announced that it’s spring thanks to our planet’s revolving and tilt on its axis.  Though it’s spring, it’s 39 degrees here this morning and yet the birds are happily singing and looking for mates and places to build their nests.  The shift is clear.  

Yesterday I was on a Zoom call where the woman leading was alone in a beautiful landscape in Canada.  She sat by a wood fire she kept feeding with sticks of wood. Wrapped in a parka, she was next to a snow-covered frozen lake that was lined with evergreen trees.  I, and others, felt we smelled the smoke as it wafted up into the air, and I thought what is imagination and memory in our lives.  I felt cold as though I, too, was in a frozen landscape. People mentioned hot chocolate and s’mores. I wondered what signals the smoke was sending, what message the logs were giving as they gave warmth and light and changed form.

I found myself with trees and space.  I wondered how it was for the trees to watch a wood fire, and then, I wondered if that’s what we’re always doing as we see others and ourselves age.  I shifted into a different landscape of transformation and change.

There was, and is, a oneness to the feel, trees, landscape, frozen lake, wood, snow, and sun that gives burning energy and warm assurance to our lives.  Now, today, I look out on the sun-kissed sky as I welcome what this new day offers and brings.

The ridge this morning at 8
Zooming in

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