It’s one step but Derek Chauvin’s conviction of murder for killing George Floyd sends a ribbon of fresh air through us all.   The world held its breath waiting to hear that murder would be punished, and now with the sentencing, it will.

Yesterday I went to Lake Lagunitas with a friend.  It was the first time in over a year I was in a car with someone other than my husband, but we’re both a month out from two vaccinations and felt it was safe.  

We went to the lake because there’s a bench there for my friend’s sister who passed away in an accident years ago.  It’s a peaceful place, and we hoped to see a river otter or two, and possibly a beaver or two.  We walked ¾ of the way around the lake and then sat waiting for what we might see, and then, right there – the magic of a little head and body as an aquatic friend swam by and into the reeds.

Lake Lagunitas

A Home
Wild Iris
The moon rising in the afternoon sky

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