I spent yesterday with my grandson who is now 19 months old.  He loves wind chimes so I’ve created a forest of them here at my home.   He has one at his house that celebrates children.  If you want a wind chime, this is one place to go. There are many. People love wind chimes.


I’ve given this little being our children’s giant tinker toys.  They’re huge. He or his dad had put four sticks together with two wheels to look to me like fancy barbells but to Keo they were drums.  He drummed away , each drum separate or one placed on the other, and then, he lifted them one by one and pointed, “Up!”

Naturally I obey his every suggestion, and since we were outside, I saw some hooks and nails along the covering for the deck, so I maneuvered this way and that until I figured out how to hang the drums.  They looked slightly strange hanging there all a-kilter, so I didn’t take a picture but this morning it hit me.  If the wind can play chimes, why not drums?

The news these days is sobering as our President works to keep our country a democracy with freedom for all.  I nourish on a child in the park, on children everywhere.

3 thoughts on “Playing with the Wind

  1. What fun to have a young guide to creativity and imagination again. Your posts let me relive the delights of seeing anew with grandkid eyes. I miss those days but thank you for letting me feel this new beat. Your posts chime delight!


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