When I was young we loved to pile into the car for a drive or road trip.  Drive-in movies with homemade popcorn were a special treat.  We’d play in our summer pajamas on the swings and playground equipment until the light dimmed, and then we’d run to the car to snuggle in.   I remember the magic and delight of watching Cinderella on the big screen with the sound popped right into our station wagon.  

I used to love to drive but traffic has become such an issue that sitting stopped has taken away the appeal, but my nineteen month old grandson loves cars.

Watching him, I’m entranced with all the levers and gears, the technology that moves us from place to place.  He holds the car keys, and puts them in the slot, or in a more modern car, touches the screen. 

I think what a marvel a car is, realizing it contributes both to our autonomy and a sense of isolation.  We are pilots of our destiny, well, until we hit another red light, or a traffic jam.  For now though, it’s fun to travel the roads of imagination.

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