We rise early these days.  Today I realized I had the idea it would keep getting lighter and lighter, earlier and earlier, but as with life, there’s change, so we have these lengthening days until the 21st and then a shift backward again, a slide back to dark.  I light a candle this morning in honor of all the ways to light.

Because we’re on water rationing, I’m out early to give the plants a drink, rare now as twice a week is their gift.  Roses are blooming.

Driving down to Menlo Park this week, I was listening to “Oldies but Goodies” when the song “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire came on.  Released in 1965, it’s sadly appropriate today.

For some unknown reason, WordPress is not working correctly for me these last few days.

This African saying calls:  The times are urgent; let us slow down.

Ridge changing to gold

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