I was awake in the night and rising, felt called to move and massage my spine and sacrum with the air and the floor.  Gravity was a cloak pulled back and forth.

Then, sitting in a chair next to a bookcase, one book called to me.  Awakening the Spine by Vanda Scaravelli.  

“The pull of gravity under our feet makes it possible for us to extend the upper part of the spine, and this extension allows us also to release between the vertebrae. Gravity is like a magnet attracting us to the earth, but this attraction is not limited to pulling us down, it also allows us to stretch in the opposite direction towards the sky.”

We see it in nature, plants rising up.

I watched the movie “The Courier” with Benedict Cumberbatch.  I recommend it as an example of courage, and what one or two people can do to change our world.

Unfolding the Rose


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