In Sensory Awareness we often speak of Unfolding.

Jonathan Swift said that “No wise man ever wished to be younger”.  I take that to mean we keep unfolding the beauty of the years.

Of course, today, we would expand that word “man” to include women and then we’d unfold outside of gender and humans to embrace this whole universe that is expanding and unfolding.

Yesterday it was suggested that I sit with a dish towel and fold and unfold it, and then, put something precious inside, maybe my own heart-felt and full beliefs, and fold and unfold with the deepest reverence and care.  I do this in my imagination first, a delight of play.

Then I bring forth a dish towel, one now converted to fall so that harvest colors capture the autumn light.  I gather abundance and wrap it up like a gift, and then open it out to share. 

Unfolding Light

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