Angeles Arrien in her book The Second Half of Life, a guide for elderhood, writes of opening the eight gates of wisdom and cultivating four bones, the Backbone, Wishbone, Funny bone, and Hollow Bone. The Hollow bone is the quality of trust, where we maintain openness, curiosity and faith.

The marrow in our bones is pink, living, rejuvenating, healing, alive.  

Today is the day to tackle the wall of books.  I’ve tackled it before.  Books are passed on, but today I’m set. I scent myself with a gift from my son, perfume from Powell’s bookstore so I smell like a bookstore, a beautifully fragrant one, a combination of male and female, the archetype of my age.  I recognize my home is a library, a resource, source.

I begin with a top shelf – small books live there, and there I’m stopped over and over again by words trickling through me like water flowing in a stream.  Or maybe these words are the rocks in my stream giving me a song as Carl Perkins puts it.  

Dante:  This mountain of release is such that the ascent’s most painful at the start, below: the more you rise, the milder it will be.  And when the slope feels gentle to the point that climbing up sheer rock is effortless as though you were gliding downstream in a boat, then you will have arrived where the path ends.

Looking up from Sausalito

Fragile and soft meets longer-lasting counseling movement within

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