With each book I hold I am in awe, with awe, am awe.  It’s not just the words, but the font, the cover, the arrangement – each book a miracle, a collaboration.  Might I receive each book as it passes through hands and mind as Jacques Lusseyran received the light? 

Blinded when he was eight, he later wrote his memoir, And There Was Light. He writes:

“I began to look more closely not at things but at a world closer to myself, looking from an inner place to one further within, instead of clinging to the movement of sight toward the world outside.” 

“I was not light itself. I knew that, but I bathed in it as an element which blindness had suddenly brought much closer. I could feel light rising, spreading, resting on objects, giving them form, then leaving them.”

Guided, I reach for Thich Nhat Hanh: With each step the earth heals us – ah, I first typed heart – earth and heart – and with each step we heal the earth.

“Breathe in and think I am solid, breathe out and think I am free.”

Each plant and animal, a niche

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