I’m reading William Elliott’s book Tying Rocks to Clouds, a title I love.  He interviews various spiritual leaders to find guidance for his own path.  He asks them a series of questions about their beliefs and ideals.

As I answer for myself, I feel the purpose of life is for each of us to fulfill in our own unique way. I think of the sea star, the creature that eats by extruding its stomach out through its  mouth to envelop a meal.  When the food is digested, the stomach is drawn back into the body.  It’s an image I can use to consider how I might meet another person or event, to more clearly expand how I listen, receive, and perceive.

On that note, Robert Hubbell has this to say.

The wife of a supreme court justice participated in an attempted coup. That fact is outrageous and should matter to every American and should remain on the front pages of every newspaper in America until the justice resigns or recuses himself from all election-related cases.

I say he should resign.  He’s tainted in a multitude of ways and should never have been allowed on the Supreme Court.   

It might seem easy to ignore Clarence and his wife in light of Heather Cox Richardson’s column today where she issues a warning that you might need to skip reading about the abuses in the Southern Baptists church.  

And with that, on this beautiful day, I trust in balancing beams of love with shared awareness and care.  We can’t heal what we don’t know, and the more we learn of abuse, the more we can focus on healing the wounds.  May this be so!

Looking out my window –

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