A friend suggests we change the name of Independence Day to Interdependence Day.  I like that and wonder how we move toward that recognition when I read Heather Cox Richardson today.  

From HCR today:

Traditionally, Americans have celebrated the Fourth of July with barbecues, picnics, celebrations, and parades as people come together to celebrate our democracy without regard to political party. In Highland Park, Illinois, yesterday morning, a gunman opened fire on a Fourth of July parade with a high-powered rifle, killing 7, physically wounding at least 47 others, and traumatizing countless more. There were more than a dozen other mass shootings over the holiday weekend, as well. All told, mass shootings this weekend caused at least 15 deaths and injured at least 91. 

Police arrested the alleged Highland Park shooter, a white 21-year-old, without incident, inspiring comparisons to the police shooting of 25-year-old Jayland Walker of Akron, Ohio, last week after a stop for a minor traffic violation. Walker fled from the scene in his car and then fled from the car. Officers shot him, saying now they believed he was reaching for a gun. A medical examiner found 60 bullet wounds (not a typo) in Walker’s body, which a medical examiner said was handcuffed when it arrived at the coroner’s office. Walker was unarmed. He was Black.

The unarmed Black man was shot 60 times and then handcuffed.  He was running away, not aiming a gun.  

And what is the punishment for those who shot him?  Until there is accountability, this will continue.

Interdependent, we all suffer with the injustice we continue to see over and over again.   How many tears? How much pain? And why?

Looking Up and Out to Bridge!

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