Yesterday, these words of Ram Dass carried me: We are simply loving awareness.

He said to radiate loving awareness.  I move the words through me in two ways.  Loving awareness, the two words expansively one, all one, no “me”, and then, this individual me saying I love Awareness.  I weave the two in and out as though playing an accordian or receiving food like an anemone in the rising and sinking tides.  

Stefan led yesterday introducing the concept or image of “pockets of peace”.  Within us, we each have pockets of peace.  I felt myself like one of those children’s cloth books with pockets that open with zippers, buttons, or velcro.  Soon the pockets were opening like origami swans spreading their wings.  I opened to, or was opened – layers and ripples – a sea of peace.

Summer fog – a moving blanket of moisture and ease

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