David Whyte wrote the poem “Working Together” for Boeing to mark the introduction of the 777 jetliner.

When I read it today I am struck by his words: “The visible and invisible working together in a common cause to produce the miraculous”.   I think of the discovery of flight, of lift, of air flowing over a wing.

I also recognize it is a sacred time for Jewish people, a new year, a new moon.

When I was in the Everest region of Nepal, all religions were celebrated, all holidays. 

May we each allow some quiet today as we ingest the wings we share, the coming together and working together that allows us to land and fly in new ways of connection, being, and doing.

Working Together by David Whyte  

We shape our self

to fit this world

and by the world

are shaped again.

The visible

and the invisible

working together

in common cause,

to produce

the miraculous.

I am thinking of the way

the intangible air

passed at speed

round a shaped wing


holds our weight.

So may we, in this life


to those elements

we have yet to see

or imagine,

and look for the true

shape of our own self,

by forming it well

to the great

intangibles about us.

— David Whyte

from The House of Belonging

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