As a child, we made baskets for this day and filled them with candy and flowers, and hung them on our neighbors’ doors. This morning I read that baby swans were just born at the Las Gallinas ponds, so out I head for a May Day celebratory treat.

I’m excited to see a swan.
And then a mother on her nest with four babies. A duck watches nearby.
Active babies
A family of Canadian Geese
An egret – Golden Slippers
Babies exploring
The wind comes up and dad returns. Mom covers the babies.
A Black Crowned Night Heron rests close by

2 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Love all your posts. My very favorites are the water birds. Today’s post is a joyous celebration of May. Thank you!


    1. Thank you Cydney. I agree on the water birds. I’m in love. I plan to return to this place often. Somehow I didn’t know this exact location but now I do. Tomorrow I’ll be by the bay in San Francisco so birds depend on the tides. I love May day and the “lusty month of May’ though perhaps a less ambitious word suffices these days.


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