It is the seventh day since my brother passed. I’ve passed through something, perhaps carried with him like a scarf. It is said that when a person dies, they circle around Mount Everest, known in Nepali as Sagarmatha and in Tibetan as Chomolungma. I feel that now, feel myself dropped as he moves on.

I feel myself as a grain of sand on a beach with other grains of sand. The tide has moved in and out. I’ve been wet and dry, but now I just am. There is a neutrality in me now. It’s not numbness or distress. In this moment, I am rest, a grain of sand on a beach with other grains of sand, not wet or dry, only grateful that I’m part of a whole.

In this Holy time, death and resurrection are celebrated. For now, this Saturday, I rest, not pulled one way or the other; I am rest.

Swan rests on the lips of wider wings

2 thoughts on “Day Seven: Resting

  1. Oh my! The swan on the orchid looks like it is held by a butterfly! It is such a treasure, what you are giving us by sharing your process. As experience the grief moving through, your ability to articulate and to make meaning and to allow is so lovely.

    And your brother is the inspiration for this expression.


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