We each have a different tradition on this day. I look out as sun strikes the ridge with light and birds sing and squirrels chirp.  I read about the explosions, blood and killings in Sri Lanka. I’m tempted to leave this page blank, feeling there are no words to express what I might say, and I resolved to post each day after my brother’s passing as my homage to him who was my greatest cheerleader.  As older sister, I could do no wrong.

My family is gathering today.  I look forward to the sanctity in that while knowing there is death for others, pain.

I feel my brother coming through in various ways, allowing me to know he is here in different form.  Spirit speaks. I feel love in my being, peace.

St. Francis and Froggie Buddha together today!

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Resurrecting

  1. Sri Lanka reminds us of the darkness in this life. St Francis with the rose quartz and Froggy Buddha with the blue heart remind us that love and peace also exist.
    You teach us how to tolerate the darkness so we can get s glimpse of the light.
    Happy Resurrection Day.


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