This morning I’m thinking about superheroes.  I watched Superman as a child but have never really related to the idea of a superhero, and this morning I realized why.  We are all superheroes, and babies and small children show us the way if we forget.

My almost six month old grandson can now use both hands to put things into his mouth.  Somehow that new ability seems like the most superhero thing I can imagine. 

I watch this little guy learn something new every day as he reaches out to explore his environment.

I’ve been studying and practicing Sensory Awareness for 27 years, and yet yesterday being led on the Sensory Awareness Zoom call I felt and learned something new. I felt a new awareness of what it is to be centered, to be off-balance and centered.  I played with the two learning that the center is always there for me, and in that dance of play, I can branch out like a tree.

I felt what it is to be still enough to feel the movement of breath in and out, not just through heart, throat, and lungs but everywhere. I receive, and without doing anything, my inner moves in and out. I’m involved even when still, perhaps even more so when still.

We are all Superheroes, and letting ourselves feel and honor that, well, that is a gift.

My Maple Tree this morning!

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