I ventured out today and wore my mask into the grocery store.  It’s been two weeks and it was time, but the whole experience felt strange and overwhelming.

Yesterday, Lee Klinger Lesser ended the Sensory Awareness workshop by reading a children’s book to the 125 of us who were on Zoom and spread across the globe.  She read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, and we all joined in to sing along and clap our hands.   

I hate to destroy the ending for you but I will say that when Pete steps in blueberries, he sings, “I love my blue shoes,” and when he steps in strawberries, “I love my red shoes,” and when in mud, “I love my wet shoes.”  We sang together around the world a rather silly song but not really because no matter what was happening with his shoes, Pete loved them, and here we all are, caught in a situation we wouldn’t choose, and yet, we can clap and sing, “I love my shelter-in-place”, and in my case, “I love that those I love are currently safe in their respective shelters-in-place”.  I have hands to clap, a voice to sing, and feet I can move and tap and swing.  

I know it’s about how I meet what comes, so I put my hands together now, and feel that meeting, and hope as I meet myself, I meet you too, in the movement in the moment, this moment, now.  Peace!


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