This morning I’m with the beauty and wisdom in this Carol video, O Holy Darkness.

I remember taking a course in Child Psychology at UCLA when I was 18.  In 1968, we were propagandized that the “Communists” were programming their children. We had to fight back against that threat. Of course, our own propaganda was that we were the good guys and our children were allowed and given complete freedom and possibility in this “land of the free”.  

Angela Davis, an avowed Communist, came to teach and there was turmoil and concern. In order to work as a tour guide on campus, I had to sign that I was not a Communist.  I doubt I knew what that meant at the time. I knew my father believed in the Domino Theory and not wanting another World War II, he thought we were right to be in Vietnam.  He didn’t live long enough to learn the truth of that.

Now, we are trying to teach our children a more whole history.  Watch this beautiful movement into the embrace, the holy embrace, of wholeness.

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